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High electricity usage?


On attached image You can see my settings and wattage.

Is this wattage normal for rx580s with this settings?
Msi cards are armor and msi 2nd from the bottom is gaming x, xfx are black edition,sapphire nitro and red devil…

Any suggestions or improvements are welcome…

Mine for my 580s…

Core 1150, vdd 850, mem 2150. Then using the amdmemory tweak with correct ref number for memory brand.

31mhs @ 90w

try using only core / dpm 1 / mdpm 1 / mem. ref

I run 580´s stable - core 1170 / dpm 1 / vdd 840 / mem 2140 / mdpm 1 / ref 30
Around 31,8mh with TRM. Wattage ±85W

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