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High Average load in lolMiner


I just changed from mining ETH (t-rex miner) to BEAM (lolminer), before i didn’t had any problems with LA but not is allways above 3 and the rig restarts several times a day.
I read some posts about this issue but i have the felling the miner is somehow the reason


Any thoughts?

Try removing the power limits, and setting more conservative memory clocks. If all is well slowly work your way back.

Higher load average is normal when the rig is first starting up.

I am having the same issue when I switched from ETH ( Trex Miner) to Ergo (Lol Miner) my load average was always normal and now its in the high 4’s. Any way to fix it?

Post a screenshot of your worker overview screen showing all clocks, miner version, soon etc

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