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Hi Hive Community, I just started having trouble with my 2nd Rig?

To explain quickly: I boot my Rig with Mobo Z590 Biostar, 9 GPU (A big mix 4 x A2000, 2 x RTX 3070, 1 x Radeon 6800, 1 x RTX 3090 & 1 x RTX A4000), everything was working smoothly since a full month…But since 3 days ago upgrade all my Rig is going to shit…

Now I boot my Rig enable mining with gminer I see during 2-5 minutes all my GPU & Hashing when suddenly I get everytime: "Nvidia OC failed"sometimes written in red, sonetimes iin yellow then GPU comes shadow, noone hash anymore…
I switch off my Rig anyway tried everything possible flash new image, change Riser, cable…
Nothing works til now…Maybe someone more specialized can give me an idea where I must check better or investigate deeper…?Thanks:)

Can you post a screenshot of your worker overview screen showing all cards/clocks/versions etc

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