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Hi guys need help with my first rig install rx 6700xt

hi guys ben here glad to part of the hive crew :slight_smile:

so bought my first fig 3 months ago had
6 gpu running on fine Radeon RX 570 4096 MB 路 Sapphire
SK Hynix H5GC4H24AJR 路 113-2E3871U-O4A

then ive unplug one of them and put a rx 6700xt in its place
Unknown GPU 1002-73dfrc5 路 AMD/ATI
Unknown Memory 39-40 路 xxx-xxx-xxxx

having no luck updating it tried to put latest beta os
still no luck

any help would be great

managed to sort by installing fresh hive

but as you can see the hash rates \\

any ideas?

managed to sort it with hours of playing around

Hi UKSellers,

Wanted to ask you, how you fixed it?
It seems that you have installed a fresh copy of HiveOS (i presume the Beta version)
What did you do the make the Hashrate go up (normal)?
I have the same exact card and the same exact issue. You could save me hours if not days or weeks.
Your insight would be much appreciated.

Dude created an account just to reply to you, i spent 12 hours trying to fix that, the solution was a clean install from the STABLE ISO img downloaded from the homepage, you need to get that specific version, no downgrades or upgrades the kernel must be just like this:

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sorry dude yea tried the beta version was working but not at full speed then installed the new stable version
seem to have done the trick

Had same issue, fresh HIVE install, up and going. 46 mh/s havent optimized yet. Seems like a decent card. It is, if nothing else, available.

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