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Hi, can anybody help me with this please?

Im gettin this error on a new Zotac RTX 3060 Twin Edge (not the OC version), the card works fine with nvidia driver 460.80 or above (with a so lower hashrate), this just happens with nvidia driver 460.39 to unlock RTX 3060 hashrate, i tried everything to get this card working with 460.39 nividia driver but i didnt had luck, im still stuck, i tried flashing the bios to another version of the same card, but wasnt possible, hiveos says its incompatible the BIOS

This card BIOS version:
HiveOS version: 0.6-205@210715
Tested drivers: 460.39, 460.80
Hashrate with 460.39 driver and overclocked with all my other RTX 3060 cards: 70-80 MH/s, normally i have 123 MH/s on each RTX 3060 with nvidia driver 460.39
The card is weel connected, that isnt the problem

I think if you search on this forum you will see that BIOS with 25.00 are ver2 and won’t work with the older versions of the NVDIA driver. :frowning:

yes, i saw it :frowning: thx for info anyway, is there any way to get this RTX 3060 LHR V2 working with RTX 3060 non LHR on the same rig at 123 MH/s the ones that dont have LHR and at 110 the LHR V2?

By the hashrate your saying your other 3060 are doing, it sounds like you mining Ergo. I’m not aware of away to have 3060 ver1 and ver2 be on the same rig and keep the same hashrate. :frowning: I know there’s other threads about this that be able to help you.

yes, im mining ergo, i searched on several posts to know if theres a way to get 123 MH/s on non LHR RTX 3060 and at the same time RTX 3060 LHR V2, but i had no luck, im looking for another driver that could be able to unlock the hashrate on RTX 3060 non LHR and that works with RTX 3060 LHR V2 too at the same time, to get working on the same rig

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