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Help! :(


So recently started mining on a Asus M2N-MX SE PLUS motherboard with an AMD Athlon 4450e CPU and 2x 2GB RAM. Using a rxt 3060, gtx 1070, Radeon 480 and a hd 7770. The motherboard board has only one PCIe, I have that connected to a pcie 1 to 4 usb. But nothing is happening it boots fine but it doesn’t recognize the gpus. This is far as I can go and it keeps on continuing on probe. I have absolutely zero idea on what I am doing at this point.

I watched that go to a 1000 at one point but nothing happens, it works with one card connected directly to the motherboard but it doesn’t hash.

Please Help

You have some nvidia gpu/onboard graphics (geforce 6150SE) on your system which is obsolete. Nvidia dropped support for legacy gpu’s that work with NVIDIA 304.xx drivers.

If that geforce 6150SE is onboard graphics, disable it from bios, if its regular pci gpu, remove it from system.

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Hey thank you for responding! :slight_smile:

The problem was the 1pcie-to-4usb card, I switched to a different one and everything works. But now I am experiencing a different problem. Not entirely sure what it’s telling me. It’s not mining

Try different miners. But it think you should disable this onboard Geforce 6150SE onboard graphics. If monitor connection is necessary, connect it to one of your GPUs that is connected to primary graphic slot.

I think, that 6150 SE is messing with nvidia drivers.

I tried turning it off on the bios but it keeps on showing up. You have been sooooo helpful, thank you. So I changed the coin/pool, I am mining ravencoin now. Unfortunately I am not sure where the payments are going. With ETH it’s listed but no raven, is there a place I am supposed to go and see my rewards?

You need to find a pool for ravencoin. 2miners, flypool are good for RVN mining. You need to have RVN wallet which you can obtain from one of the exchanges (binance, coinex etc.) During flight sheet creation process, type your wallet address there. Payments will be done to the wallet address.

You can track your payment progress on pool’s web site by typing your wallet address.

u r the real mvp coach I appreciate you no doubt my guy! Bless from the heavens straight to you!