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Help with the RX5700 XT cards, not stable and memory hot

Hi there, I need some help please, I’m willing to pay just to get them going.
I’ve got a rig with 6 cards RX5700XT, 2 with Samsung memory, which they run fine and six with Micron memory which they overheat. I don’t know if I need Bios modified or how to do it either.

You need to share more details about your rig.

This is my rig and is running extremely hot

The biggest improvement I got with my MSI Mech OC 5700 and 5700 XT was removing the crappy plastic backplate and putting a 120mm fan on the back of each card. The closer you can get the fan, the better (my temps are lowest when the fan is literally completely pressed against the back of the card… which seems counter intuitive since there’s no airflow passing under the fan!)

Both cards use Micron DDR6.

I also have cool outside air blowing onto my rig from a nearby window… it’s about 61 degrees F (16 degrees C) outside currently at the time of the pic below:

At night, the VRAM runs about 88C… during the day it fluctuates between 88-94C depending on the outside temps.

I have applied the 1500 strap copying technique to both cards with the memory overclocked to 1860 and 1850 Mhz… anything more and I get errors in HiveOS

I also fixed the thermal pads to ensure all RAM chips are fully covered by pads and put a small amount of thermal paste on each side of the pads to improve their performance.

Thank you I will have to try that