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Help with Sapphire Rx 590 Nitro+ SE


Hi everyone. Can someone please help me with this graphic card? I’m trying one click bios mod but the hash rate and watt still the same with these OC settings.

I download this and used with one click bios mod: VGA Bios Collection: Sapphire RX 590 8 GB | TechPowerUp
I guess I need original bios or modded bios better than this.

Please can someone help me?

I did bios mod to a 580 8gb and problems because the bios are signed and that is luck that you do well. in the end I left it original and zero problems …
I have one like yours 590 sappire, and a 590 XFX and the XFX goes faster than the sappire with the same configuration …

I don’t know how we gonna solve it.
My other cards are sapphire also except 580.
But only this card has a problem. I also left it original bios.
When I try your OC settings, I’m getting 22 MH/s on TRM.
Here my last OC settings:

When I set VDD lower it is getting better.

With your configuration it is worse for me, I think that each card although they are the same make and model are not the same …

Yes, models are not the same and it also depends on PSU I guess.
I’m waiting for someone who has the same card and maybe can help me if saw the same problem.
My GPU1: Sapphire 590 Nitro+ SE
GPU2: Sapphire 590 Gold Edition
GPU3: Sapphire 590 Pulse OC
And gpu1 should be better than other cards but it is worse I don’t know.
Your Sapphire S6R also Nitro+ Special Edition right?

what is your core state (VDD) for these out of interest?

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