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Help with Ryzen 5 2600 - RTM

Hi all, i have an Ryzen 5 2600 and i mine RTM but i need to Download the cpuminer-zen3 manually and replace the cpuminer-avx2-sha binary with the Hiveos terminal but i dont know how to do that !? Someone can help me step by step , Thx a lot :slight_smile:

You don’t have to do anything special, just pick the miner from the drop down, it should use the correct binary.

xmrig new also works well without the tuning needed.

Thx for reply Keaton, i join some pictures of the problem :


I am on flockpool - xmrig work on it ?

thats normal, some parts of the ghostrider algo perform better with less threads depending on how much l3 cache you have. yeah, xmrig works fine, thats what i use now.

Ty, ok i have edit my Flight Sheet and add the latest xmrig version, there is an specific extra config argument to add in the worker to work with flockpool ?