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Help with RX580 rig

Hi guys, I’ve seen some people getting higher hashrates with the same cards I have but Im not really sure what Im doing wrong.
I´ve tried modifying the BIOS of one of my cards with polaris and the rig stopped working so I restored the original bios and now is working as before.
This is my setup:

I´ve also tried modyfing the oc parameters but it starts getting invalid shares so I had to set them like that.
Thank you in advance
(Please help me out - (EN/ES))

It didn´t work. My samsung gpu was detected dead when I tried this config. Thank u anyways

Theres is no need to be rude. I just said that those values didnt work for me…

Hi Friend, I will help you. This is what I did with my RX 580’s:

  1. I downloaded the vbios from HiveOS. Then opened it with PolarisEditor, patched it and saved the bios as a new file.
  2. Flash the new file to the card.
  3. Apply the following Overclock settings:

Hi, thank u for your response.
I´ve tried what you said, a couple of weeks ago. When I tried flashing the new file to the card it crashed so I had to flash the card with the original bios again. The following message was shown when it crashed:

“[drm:amdgpu_get_bios [amdgpu]] ERROR ACPI VFCT table present but broken (too short #2)”

Did you do it with the polaris editor option “one click patching”? I´m not sure what I am doing wrong or if this is maybe a card´s issue. Any ideas?

I have had similar errors. But when I try again, it usually works.

I am using PolarisEditor1.7.5 :

  2. select the bios rom file
  4. “Do you want faster Uber…” - Yes, then OK
  5. “Buy Pro version…” - No , I’m pirate
  6. SAVE AS
  7. upload that new saved file to GPU

That’s what I do.

I know you don’t want to hear this, are you able to put the card on another computer with a different HDD, motherboard, PSU, PCI slot?

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I have the same version. I´ll try again in the weekend.
Unfortunately, I´m not able to do any of the things you mentioned. Maybe I can try with another hdd.

I´ll let you if it works! Thanks again for your time

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