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Help with Radeon RX 580 8192 MB ASUS

Hi every one I’m writing this post to ask if some one can help me facing this problem, so I explain to you. I have an Asus rx 580 8gb SK Hynix H5GQ8H24MJR · 115-D009PI2-101 bios modded with PolariBiosEditor (only memory straps are modded).
I’ve tested a lot of oc settings , different risers, the mobo settings are ok (Mining mode set to on and 4G decoding is enbled) it starts throwing invalid shares after about 10 hours of mining and somtimes less.
The picture below shows the gpu type and my oc settings.


Remove VDDCI , Core clock at 1200mhz and VDD at 900 , check this and if u are stable , lower your core clock at 1150 and put tref at 30…
Always stop miner before apply OC settings and then restart it…!!!
(This memory type Hynix ) is not good for OC…

i have my 580 patched vbios with these oc working stable. I see that most of the others manage get over 33 hash from this card but if i go any higher the card stops mining and my other cards 6x 570 starts to give invalid shares, the system becomes unstable. Im guessing i have too many raisers connected to same power lead and 580 card is not geting enough juice.psu 1350W

Thank’s for the advice bro.
Happy mining

I don’t understand any thing !!!
I still getting invalid shares with those oc params

looks like u havent set mdpm.
core1170 dpm1 vdd840 Mem 2140 mdpm1 ref30


i use this bios my card is asus strix and i am happy
Radeon RX 580 8192 MB · XFX
SK Hynix H5GC8H24AJR · 113-58085HAD0-M80
31.37 MH

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how many watt´s for that 31.37mh ?

113 watt

here´s my 580´s 90´s.
Defo every card is different, i try to keep wattage in sensible readings, like 3 last micron power colors, they need really high oc´s to go above 32mh and wattage is way too much for me then.
allso im with Ezil pool now again, with them hive reports grazy amount of invalids, the XFX on this rig got 30 invalids in less than 1hr…with other pools normally with these settings i get one every now and then, this screenshot is after miner restart to clear red from dashboard…sometimes it seems that there isn´t oc´s that work…with hiveon pool the amount of invalids is way less. Weird thing is that hive reports all these invalids, but on Ezil pool side there is hardly any, just few stale in 10min period, thats how their share graph is build…10min intervals. I have tried Ezil so many times with different setting :confused: Seems like polaris cards are the worst for their servers. These 580´s are good gpu´s and its easy to push them to -33mh, but the wattage is quite high then.
…in the mean while i have been writing this post my xfx have 4 invalids allready…

mem:2200 ref:30
over 33 MH

yes…as i said, its easy to push polaris gpus…u win :smiley: …these numbers are not stable in my rig…i stick with lower hash and stable rig.

Could you share your GPU 4 Bios please. I am having a lot of invalid shares with mine with almost any settings.


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