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Help with payout below the threshold

Noob question: I’m under .1 eth to get paid, but I’ll need to sell the miner. Can I add etherium to complete this threshold and withdraw my funds? Or withdraw by paying a fee?

Have you read the payouts faq?

No. I read now. Changed to polygon and added polygon in my metamask wallet, but when i clik in FUNDS, the threshold dont change. Still trying here

What do you mean when you click in funds? Can you post a screenshot?

I think i understood wrong. If i started minning in the normal ETH NET, can i change to the polygon and receive theRTH i already mined? Sorry for the noob question. (english is not my main language)

I did that way. And i linked metamask to the polygon. Will work?

Do you have the private keys to the wallet address you have the pending balance with?

Is the same adress. Same Same wallet. I just linked polygon to my metamask wallet.

Well…i think i just lost the money. The balance was paid but is not in my wallet =z

As long as you have the private keys to that address, you can use it for wETH on polygon.

If you or anyone else were mining to a custodial wallet, like an exchange deposit address then you wouldn’t be able to access the wETH deposited.

Man, i dont know what is a Custodial Wallet is like wallets at binance? Sorry, im very new at this. This wallet is just a metamask i made for me. No one is using it. The coin is lost?

Custodial means you don’t have the private keys. If you have the keys to your wallet, then nothing is lost.

OK, but the balance is not showing in the Wallet. And i did everything in the faq, also linked in the polygon site

Found this. Maybe is a matter of time to show in my wallet? Im a really noob at this. In the meta polygon interface, only show the Matic token. Maybe I have to add ETH? Or Usd?

Are you sure you added polygon to your MetaMask account?

Man, im a IDIOT. Im the polygon site is There. I think i have to add the ETH token in meta mask polygon intrerface to balance be there. I dont know, at least the money is not lost.

hi me to shows low pay but shows should be more like ether mine .org was very close to whattomine!!! and also THIS 0.01 TO .02 ETH JUST BEFORE THE merge suxs! AND IF I dont reach the 0.02 payout in time will Hive release my ETH payout???

please read the payout faq.
min manual withdraw is now .005 eth. free on polygon or you pay gas on mainnet.
.02 eth is the auto withdraw.

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