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Help with payments

Hi, im about to buy a rig and wanted to set up my account in advance and i have some questions about the payout.

If i mine on Hiveon, and reach the 0.1 ETH limit, 0.1 ETH is paid into my HiveOS wallet? If i wanted to trade this into cash on for example Coinbase, could my ETH from Hiveon get directly transfered to my Coinbase wallet? Do i just use my Coinbase wallet adress on HiveOS?
I’ve heard that it is not smart to mine directly to an exchange, is that true?
And if i wanted to store the crypto, do i again change the wallet adress on HiveOS to for example Exodus? Is the crypto currency then mined “into” my Exodus wallet?

If you know any videos or threads about this it would be appreciated. I’ve looked but i havent found any.
Thank for you help

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