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Help with msi armor rx580 8 gb oc need original bios

hello all.
i am new here and i am desperate for your help
i bought a used msi rx580 oc and the bios on hive os is like this Samsung K4G80325FC xxx-xxx-xxx
the s/n of my card is 602-v341-373sd1912001205 and i cant find it nowhere
can you help me pleasee to fix my card???

What is the problem with cards? Low hashrate?

yes and i cant find the original bios . the card is showing only 28 mhz and when i am trying to overclock it it keeps crashing

show us the OC settings.



Radeon RX 580 8192 MB · MSI

Samsung K4G80325FC · xxx-xxx-xxx






look at here

find the exact model of the GPU and download the bios

I tryied everything (techpowerup) and nothing fixed
I believe that my memory is hynix and not samsung and the previous owner did something stupid. I did asked him but he dos not answer

· xxx-xxx-xxx doesnt mean anything. your memory is samsung. get your cards exact model, find the stock bios, bios mod it with polaris bios editor and force flash it into the card.

Ok i will ill try once more from techpowerup.

Ok i did all the bios from techpowerup and in hive os the card is crashing .

I dont know what is happening .

have you kept the same OC settings? with the bios mod you need to start from standard settings like 1100 core clock and 2000 memory clock and start tweaking by 25 each step to see what they can hold. i dont thing with 2150 they will run without crashing.

my card is running with settings :

1125 core clock,

825 core voltage,
800 memory controller voltage,
2050 memory clock
aggressive undervolting ON
amdmemtweak --REF30

And how many mh?

31.11 but my card is bad one

i believe i did something with your settings

i flashed the bios with polaris and the i reset the overclocks and went step by step
now my card givew me 30.5 mhz with no problems

thank you very very for your help

Radeon RX 580 8192 MB · MSI

Samsung K4G80325FC · xxx-xxx-xxx








You can try boosting it a bit with core 1125 and core voltage 841. Als set fan to 60% to get lower temps

i did it . nothing happend the hashrate remains the same …

Sorry try 1150 with 841 or 850 voltage

Success!! 31 mh!!

Hi bro could you share your bios with me plz.
Happy mining