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Help with ETC minimum payout

Hi all
I have been using this pool for over a year and so far i have no complaints. I did some ETH mining back in the day and I have been mining ETC mostly until now. Thing is that after the change to proof of stake I kept mining ETC but it has been very painful to reach the minimum payout threshold, because i want to finally stop mining that crypto and try another one (maybe RVN) more profitable.
So my question: Is there a way to change the minimum 1 ETC payout for like 0.3 - 0.4 ETC where i am currently stuck? Can the pool moderators do something to help me withdraw what I have?
I know 0.4 ETC (what i have) it’s not much but to reach the current 1 ETC minimum with my humble setup will take me like 6 months being optimistic (maybe more), and I dont really want to wait that long to try mining other coins (or even sell my gpu if i find no profitability).
Any solutions?
Thanks in advance

тебе бедному 0.3 классика понадобилось чтоб купить туалетной бумаги?
6 месяцев минималки, ты одной картой роешь? забудь!

You can email support and ask @ [email protected] but they will likely tell you that you need to reach the min threshold. You could have some friends mine to your address or add some cards/ASICS to reach the minimum sooner too.

Thanks for your reply. Sadly I don’t have those friends that can help me. I will have to keep mining with my GPU until I reach that min threshold since those 16-17 USD are really worthy in my country.

I tried to mine RVN and it’s not more profitable plus it requires a little more electricity input and your graphic cards are more hot. I returned to mine ETC. Plus the liquidity for ETC is much better than RVN when you want to swap your cryptos for a Fiat.

You can use to see the profitability to mine a specific coin.

My bet is to keep mining ETC and I keep them in a wallet (I don’t convert them for a Fiat) because I’m speculating that ETC price will go up when the whole economy will get better (probably not next year it seems we are going into a recession next year) and also the Total Network Computational Power of ETC is steadily and slowly decreasing so for those who keep mining we have a bigger piece of the cake. As you can see here (look at the chart for one year):

Thanks it is quite useful info.