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Help with custom miner

Hi team, I am looking to set up a custom miner so I can run T-Rex 0.19.14 as this is the last version that can mine x16r and it is no longer included in hiveos as standard.


I use the following command to download the miner:

wget seems to work
I can create a directory using mkdir -p /hive/custom which seems to work
I can unpack to this directory using:
tar -xf t-rex-0.19.14-linux-cuda11.1.tar.gz -c /hive/custom
But when I direct the custom miner to the unpacked file using the following in the “installation URL”
I get this error in the miner

An help would be greatly appreciated. i am a noob with linux and hive but have spent the best part of the last 8 hours on this, researching command lines, how to make a directory, etc. and i am stumped…

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