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Help with Asus RX 5700 (flashed to xt) voltage/overclocking

Just got the one card in this system running. I think when I run lower voltages on the core it seems to be a bit unstable. I have just punched in the below voltages for the time being. Just wondering if anyone is using the ASUS Strix variant of the RX5700 / XT cards as a reference and what kind of hashrate to expect. Thanks

Are you saying it’s unstable because the miner crashes? Or, what makes it seem unstable? To get a better idea of what voltages the card requires you can:

  1. stop the miner miner stop
  2. remove all overclock settings, replace set values with 0’s
  3. start the miner miner start
  4. wait about a minute or two and run amd-info to see what voltages are being applied with stock settings.

After you obtain a baseline for the voltages you can start to reduce the voltages incrementally.

The rig froze and I am currently unable to reboot it remotely. I believe each time I need to stop the miner, make the changes and start it again. Think navi are super weird with making changes on the fly whilst mining seems to lock it up. Thinking to buy a wifi plug to get around that but not sure if that would work on a desktop PC without having to physically pressing the power button again. Once I go back to the rig in a few hours I’ll give that a try and see what it is applying. Mem temps seem to sit in the mid 80s. I think even if it was low 90s it should be fine as they are rated for 105c. Do you have any of these cards by chance? Wondering if you had some clocks and voltages as a reference.

I always bring the miner down while applying OC changes; I’ve experienced my 5600 XTs locking up when trying to apply changes with the miner up and running. I have one 5700 XT that runs relatively hot and was bought used. Here are my OC settings, every card is different but I’m happy to provide the screenshot. Shoot an update later if you check the consumption with stock settings. I should note that the 5700 XT does have a modded BIOS.

Mine is a rx5700 strix flashed to a strix 5700xt modded bios as well.
I think I need to check for restore after AC power loss. May be handy for those events to just cycle the rig.
I’ll have a closer look shortly. Thanks

With one GPU I think restoring AC power after a crash is OK, with more than one the OC settings shift up if the card is not detected upon reboot and can cause critical problems. Definitely configure the Hashrate Watch Dog settings and Critical Temperature and Critical Action in Autofan Settings if you have not already. If the shutdown command from the HiveOS GUI is not working but you can remote access via Hive Shell Start or Shellinabox (Shellinabox is much better), then you can run shutdown now to force a shutdown. Good luck and happy mining!

Yes, there is just the one card. It seems to be frozen I believe so I can’t send anything to it remotely unfortunately which is probably when I am away I can just cycle it when required. Probably handy to have for other use cases as well down the track.

I ended up going back to a 5700 and doing the memory strapping mod and have got it sitting pretty happy at 57+ mhs.


send me your vbios plz [email protected]

if i can help.

for RX5600XT


for RX5700XT



Sent that’s an Asus card. I run it at 1300 core 760/760/1350 and 925 memory on B mode teamredminer pulling 56.8 solid. 930 gave me a random crash here and there so dropping it by 5 has stopped it.

send me your vbios plz [email protected] thks!

send me your vbios plz [email protected]… thks

Gpu is not stable at the moment so might not be worth

Good day, what version of Hive do you have?

06-203 have strix card at 56.5mhs stable on teamredminer.


can you share the fixed values

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