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Help with AMD GPU init problem - HiveOS

Hi guys,

I recently bought what was advertised as a defective GPU. I paid 50€ for a 470 4gb so I was like “yeah let’s give this a shot”

The seller said that the problem was the GPU was not recognized in windows and he couldn’t use. This made me think that I could spend 50€ just to try and fix it (maybe it was a simple error I could fix) and put it to work

Now I have this GPU, when I connect it to the mobo the OS finds it but has an “initializing error”, I’ll post the picture here so you can see this error too. Anyone knows what it means? I’ve found different errors similar to this on the internet with no solution, but not the actual error displayed in the screenshot

Another thing, I can see the GPU on HiveOS but it doesn’t start mining, most probably because of this “init error”.

My setup right now is:

  • Mobo: Gigabyte H110-D3A

  • CPU: Intel i3-7100

  • GPU: 1x rx 570 4GB — 1x rx470 4GB (the one that isn’t working)

  • RAM: Corsair 4GB ddr4 2133

  • PSU: Corsair HX 850

  • SSD: Kingston 240GB

When I took the screenshot I had the other 570 disconnected. If I connect the 570, it is correctly initialized and starts mining without problem, whereas this error keeps being displayed for the 470 only

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hi did you solve this Problem?

i have a similar one

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