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Help with 3060 and 3070 TI mixed rig

I’m a complete newbie here and just started mining. I have a new rig with 2 3060s and 1 3070 TI.

Everyone here is getting MORE than double the hash rate and I’m not sure what to do. Everything I read says to downgrade the NVIDIA driver to the 460.39 to get the 3060’s to almost 60 MH. However when I do that in HIVE, then it doesn’t recognize my 3070 TI card at all.

The only way I can get my 3070 TI recognized is to upgrade the drivers, then the 3060 hash rate falls back to the 24 MH level.

These are not good hash rates, less than half everyone else.

Using Trex miner, and I get about exactly the same numbers with Phoenix miner.


I guess you mining ETH and this cards model is LHR which is limited with ETH and could be for other algo’s as well. the cards are not recognized because It’s LHR model. Your best bet is to mine different coins like ergo/raven which seems to be not limited like ETH.

Like the dude said , you got the short stroll there. Meaning the 3060 ( not TI). If the 3060 is brand you , that means you got the LHR version , check the box if it says LHR. If this is the case you cant mine ETH with it. If its the older version of 3060 with is not limited then you have other problems. The older versions require they to be in a PCIE slot directly and an HDMI dummy which emulates a monitor connected to them in order to work properly.

Ok, I made the switch to ERGO. Do these hash rates look inline for these cards?

i think they are. mi RX 570 does 58 and one 3060 should a bit less than 2x so you get the same as estimated

I just started doing Ergo + Zil with Nano miner. You can try my OC setting.

In NBminer, I can get a little more hashrate, but it can only do Ergo solo

Hello crgmining, do you always get the GA104 in front of your 3070 Ti? Or with some drivers you got it to read the card normally?
I have the same thing with my 3070 Ti that I just got and looking for a solution.
I’m getting an two errors:

  • Unable to enum CUDA GPUs: invalid device ordinal
  • No available GPUs for mining. Please check your drivers and/or hardware.

What drivers did you see work for the 3070 Ti?
Thank you. I hope you see this.

I think it depends on the drivers because you prpbably have some lhr version which requires new driver for it to work.

All 3070 Ti’s are LHR from what I know. The thing is i have tried Drivers 460 / 470 and my GPU has no details on hive : Type of memory, temps, etc… are unavailable.
The GPU & Riser is on the Primary PSU. I have tried 3 PCIE slots that I know they work. Tested some 1660 Super’s. I used to have 6 GPU’s on this Rig so I know Risers and Slots work.
In BIOS i also tried GEN 1 and GEN 2.

Motherboard: Asus Prime Z490-P
GPU: 3 x Asus TUF Gaming OC 3070 Ti

Next Step is Trying another GPU. (I’ve only unboxed one of the three to set overclocks and fix a flight sheet for RVN & ETH) Total 7 GPU Rig 3x 1660Ti - 1x 1660Super - 3x 3070Ti.

I’ve got the same issue here.
Running a rig with a mix of RTX 3060 (v1) and RTX 3070 ti.
When I use driver 460.39, the RTX 3070 ti stop working.
Has anyone found a stable driver for both gpus to work together?
I’m trying to mine ERGO.

Try this - Does the Temp looks Good or Bad?

Hi, have you found a solution?
I have the same prob with 3060s v1 and a new 3060 ti LHR.

Driver: 470.74
Miner: GMiner v2.89
HiveOS: 0.6-213@220322

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