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Help to set BZminer config

I’m trying to mine dual coin Kaspa ( KAS ) + Radiant (RXD) with bzminer but I dont know how to set up cause second coin is disable when I selected KAS or RXD at first coin.

Some youtuber said me to apply this config

  • Config: -a kaspa -p stratum+tcp:// -w $wallet.$rigName --a2 radiant --p2 stratum+tcp:// --w2 1Jxas3fNsdxuua8f5RFmGDSyupM5S5n6fM.$rigName --max_dual_autotune_drop 0.92

But when I set it in Extra config arguments in Flightsheets: it said Input format error

Can someone help me to set it manually or give me some example video, i will very appreciate that.

The link that they dual mining KAS + RXD but in another OS:

The syntax for BzMiner in HiveOS is like this:
“a”: “kaspa”
“p”: “stratum+tcp://”

…and so on for the rest of the commands. Good luck dual mining two core algos at the same time…

To bypass the built in config dual coin limitations you can select ethash as the primary algo in the config, and whatever you want for the secondary algo. Fill out the rest of the fields just like normal.

Then use the following in your extra config

“force_algo”: “ kaspa”
“Force_algo2”: “radiant”

As was said before, 2 core based algos won’t give you better results than a core + mem algo.

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