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Help tb360 btc pro 2.0

I’ve been at this for a few days now. I’m still new to this and I really need help

I have the
Tb360-btc pro 2.0
Pentium processor
16 gb ram ddr4
750 psu bronze to power up the board
1300 psu for the cards
7x Asus TUF 1660 super OC

I have both 24 pin connected
Both 6 pin atx are connected
Update bios to the latest version
All my riser are from GPURISER.COM

Both 4g mining options are enabled
All ports are set to 2nd gen
Disable the internal graphic
Primary set to peg

Every time I load the 5th card sometimes it doesn’t post and when it does post and boot correctly some graphics cards go offline
Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong or what I forgot to change

I have similar issue. Did you find a solution ?

I am trying to get this mother board to work with Nvidia 3060’s I can get 7 to work, the 8th will sometimes come up but its like to doesn’t recognize it (or the driver). It’ll say GA106 as the GPU type. Tried several driver versions. At one point 3 cards came up that way. Now the 8th card does even show.

my setting which I got from a reddit post

  • Updated to the Latest Biostar Bios B36AF505.BSS for the pro and B36FF608.BSS for the Pro 2.0
    • CSM Off
    • Above 4g Decoding On
    • Integrated Graphics Off
    • Primary Display - PEG
    • Max TOLUD 3.25
    • Above 4Gb MMIO Bios Assignment Enabled
  • I’ve tried PCI-E configuration - GEN1 and GEN2

I also have trouble just getting the mother board to boot. usually hangs before bios screen comes up. 2 or third attempt will get it started

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