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Help! RX580s on Octominer Motherboard

Hello. I am coming from a windows machine but I am having trouble setting up Hive OS on my new rig. I am trying to overclock my cards 1 by 1 but i am having trouble even with the first one.
Soon as the miner starts, it crashes within couple seconds or in a minute at max.

The current GPU I am trying to overclock is the Gigabyte Aorus RX580 8GB.

My Rig: Octominer Motherboard / 4gb DDR4 RAM / 32GB USB(hive OS) / USB WIFI.

First I thought it was my wifi but my rigs stays online when the gpu doesn’t start mining so I know it is not my Wifi.

I only flashed the bios timings with polaris bios editor one time patch. I did not change any voltage in bios.

Issue resolved. I had a faulty ram! Overclock settings were fine.

Love my Octominer, I’m rockin’ 8 x EVGA 1060 6GB.
Cooling is your nemesis on Octominer as the cards are spaced so close, I had to be a little more conservative with overclocks on the middle cards so they didn’t overheat.
Love HiveOS too, so helpful to look are graph data and compare temps, fan speeds and hash rate!

Just saw this thread i know 2 years later xD

Love octominer too got 3x server cases from them one with 8x RX580’s 8GB they are HOT AS HELL!!
second 8x GTX 1050ti’s and third 8x 1070ti’s/1070 mix mining kawpaw raven coin undervolted still really hot.