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[Help] Rigs hash rate drop every night at the same time

Help I have two rigs one RX580 and one 1070TI on Hive os and every evening for the last week the RX 580 stops hashing and the 1070TI drops from 30MH/s to 13MH/s (ethash). I have tried different pools and different algo and its the same, every evening 2am pst both rigs start acting up.

don’t know if its related but side note i can’t get claymore 11.8 or 11.9 to work the only version that works for me on both rigs is 10.5


I got similar problem with other miners - please help us to solve this problem

anybody can help??? PLEASE

Same for me. Does anyone has a clue on a procedure to follow in order to check what is happening ?