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Help Required 1660 super I can't get full performance!

Hello friends, I have a triple system that I shared below, but I can’t get full performance, I tried many settings but it did not work. Most of the time the system crashes. What path should I follow? Can you share the required settings with me? thank you in advance

On the GTX you can try also with Core Clock 930mhz. absolute value. Or 1000 after that.
For the RX 570 , i have similar but asrock with almost the same memory , mine ends with 325FB. i used the following settings.
Core clock 1112
VDD 812
Memory clock 2150.

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RX570 how much is your digging power

i currently mine with 30.58 with phoenix miner.

but my settings after bios mod are 1112 , 825, 800, 2085

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