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Help Requested - Rigs disconnecting from Hiveon Pool

Help requested…

Currently running four (4) miners, two (2) of which are Nvidia (RTX2070s) and two (2) are Radeon RX5700s (Bata version). All of which have been running great with Phoenixminer on Hiveon Pool… right up until last night when both of my AMD rigs disconnected from Hiveon Pool. They looked like they were still running but no stats from Hiveon Pool and Hiveon Pool stated they were offline.

Tried rebooting, then tried updating to lastest OS and reboot. This brought them online for about an hour then both disconnected from pool again.

This morning I re-flashed drive with a fresh install of Bata version OS, started them back up. Ran for a little while then disconnected from pool again.

All this while my RTX2070 rigs are still running fine with no issues.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

Added: I tried switching the two miners to TeamRedMiner and it seemed like it worked for a few minutes, but now are disconnected from Hivon Pool and the console display shows “nanopool”…?

It looks like the two rigs were switched to “nanopool” from the info displayed on the rig console display. Tried creating a new flightsheet but still mining from “nanopool” and not hivon pool…

This just started happening to me as well. I look at my miner screen and the mining stats on hiveon have frozen, at the bottom of my screen is a solid white line that says Quitting (Miner Name). I type in “miner” on the command line and when it comes up it shows me that it has been mining nanpool on a European server.

Did you ever find a fix to this? I’m having the same issue and it’s really irritating having to restart my rig every couple of hours whenever this happens.

I re-flashed my SSD with the latest stable version. I wasn’t using 2FA before this, so I turned that on, changed my password, and changed the DoH setting to Enabled Globally.

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