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Help please

i have rig , gpu 5 or 6 working perfectly then after a random time 1 of them say 0 hashrate and hive say ZZZZZZ low hashrate then reboot and start again working till one of them say 0 hashrate
please help me i have been in this problem for a month
i changed riser and cleaned these gpus
(i turned off Gpu5 used command)
any one have the same problem and solve it
i need to solve this please

Flash the latest stable hiveos image, try teamredminer then tune your oc per card. You’re using the same oc for all cards, which isn’t going to be optimal for all. If a card is crashing it’s likely due to too low voltages, too aggressive mem or core clocks, or both.

i have 2 more rigs with same oc and same cards no problem at all just this rig and pheonix miner
tried teamredminer same problem

Not all cards will work with the same oc. Flash the latest stable image, tune oc per card, if you still have issues swap cards around to rule out hardware like risers/cables/psus etc.

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