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Help please: Troubleshooting logs


New here, so if there’s a help file I’ve missed please just point me in the right direction.

I’m currently mining with 2 x AMD cards, using lolminer for ETH. I’m planning on adding more cards once the new PSU arrives.

At random intervals of anywhere between 1 to 48 hours, one of my cards stops mining, triggering the watchdog to reboot the machine. The last 50 of the log file shows that the hashrate went down to zero, but not WHY. Is there a more detailed log file that might throw some error or status messages that I can look at the help understand what’s going wrong?


Hi ,
change riser to this card!

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Good idea. I’ve got spare risers so I’ll give it a go.
Unfortunately, I can also try changing the overclock settings, or the undervolt, or the PSU, or…

If I don’t know why it’s not going wrong, I’m guessing at the fix. But I haven’t actually tried changing the riser, so I will give that go and see if that makes it any more stable. :slight_smile:

OK, riser changed, and the old riser put to one side just in case that’s what it was.
Now to keep an eye on it for the next 24-48 hours to see if it falls over again.

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