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[HELP] Packet Loss and Low ratio

Hi there!
I have a rig with HiveOS in an USB linked using RJ45 to a switch which is linked to a router and then to WAN. For some reason, have 80% of approved ratio and seems to have network problems.
When I ping the rig from another computer in the same lan, I can see at least one packet loss.

So when I connect a laptop with Windows10 using the same RJ45, theres no network problem and no packet loss when I ping it from the other computer on the same LAN. All goes fine.

Same result when I use wifi instead ethernet with my HiveOS rig.
Why could my HiveOS rig be getting low ratio and network problems and a Windows10 laptop be ok?
Someking of settings or config Im not taking care of?
Need help with this.

Thank you!

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