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Help! Nvidia Rig randomly goes offline for hours at a time. Nothing in logs

Hello, Just wondering if anyone has solved this issue. The rig goes offline and comes back online randomly. Sometimes down for hours, sometimes low hashrate. It has mined optimally for as long as two weeks before. I have tried the obvious like checking all connections, reseating memory, reflashing HiveOS onto a SSD. Powering off the rig manually and restarting it temporarily works. Here is a pic of what I see. This doesn’t happen every day either, but often enough.

First I would fix your ocs, use locked core clocks on all cards, your 2080 super for instance is using like 60w more than it needs to.

Secondly I’d reflash the latest image as yours is pretty dated. You can use hive-replace -s -y From the shell to do this, don’t force reboot the pc, let it reboot on its own.

Then do an upgrade (yellow text with current version in center of screen)

Start with that, and let me know if you have issues after.

Fixed ocs and reflashed latest image. Still need to update to latest version but here is what I have:

some rejected shares

And what I’m working with

Open the miner in shell and see which cards are give rejects, lower oc on that card(s)

Thanks for the help. The rig is almost at 99% now. I guess there were some early rejected shares because it is now showing me 599 accepted and 7 rejected.

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