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Help ! new boards and new problems. Mix 6600 5500 5700 rx 580

I recently needed to install an rx 6600 on my rig, and then the problems start, I needed to update to the latest version of the driver, in which I’m having problems with the rx 5500xt and 5700xt, they mine for a few minutes, and have an error and restart the rig.
When I was with the driver version 20.30 it was working reasonably well… If anyone has any solution or help will be welcome, since already thank you for your attention.

You might need new OC settings

I noticed… but I’m losing 3 to 5 mhs per card…

energy consumption increased by 20% at rx 580

what OC settings are you using for the rx 580?

so far it was the best config I could… with drive 20.30 it had 97w of consumption and 32.20mhs

i dont think your card is using much of your settings.
have you bios mod the card ? i guess you have but just asking.
my OC settings for my samsung card are

1168 core clock
860 core voltage
800 memory controller voltage
2100 memory clock
aggressive undervolting ON
amdmemtweak --REF 30.

yes i have biosmod

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