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Help needed - RTX 3080 cards

Hey guys,

Last week hashrate was around 550 mh/s for my 6 card rig (still waiting for thermal pads to arrive to change them on Gigabyte cards) But last couple of days hashrahe fell to around 460 mh/s.
I have tried HiveOS Beta version, different overclocks, but nothing. Can anyone help why hashrates are so different and so low on RTX 3080 cards?
Room temperature around 18C
Motherboard: ASrock H110 pro BTC+
PSU: 2x corsair HX 1200

I have the same problem with my EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra, the core clock goes down from 1600-1800 to 700-900 Mhz and the consumes only 230-280 W maximum. Strange, under windows I tried everything Bios & driver of last year, or old bios with new driver etc, nothing help.
I have an intel G6500 CPU with MSI Z490 Mobo and currently mining with hiveos/eth/gminer, here I have a maximum wattage of 278w and currently hashing with 113.6MH/s, well 10 MH/s lower but sometimes it drops down to 90/80, worst situation, nothing found in net :((

Your cards are thermal throttling, it’s easy to tell since they are not consuming up to your PL with only an offset for core. If you apply an offset the cards will use all the power it can get till the PL. If you use an absolute clock then the cards will only use the power needed to sustain that core clock.

Gigabyte cards are notorious for having bad thermal pads. I have a Gigabyte Gaming OC 3080 on which I did the thermal mod and now I am easily getting 100.4 mhs on the card.

My card I have realised needs about 245-250W to hit 100mhs, anything lower and I drastically lower my hash rate as well. Here are my settings, maybe they can help.

Also check my settings and try to set an absolute core clock instead of an offset for your core on the cards.

1060mhz on the core seems to be my sweet spot. You can try in the 1000-1100 range for your core and see which one gives you the best power draw.

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