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HELP NEEDED - Problems setting up hybrid (amd+nvidia) rig

I’m trying to move out from Windows to HiveOS. My first try was very harsh. Here is why, and also need some help.

  1. JUST A SUGGESTION HERE: I started yesterday at 9pm and ended up on 2am without being able to get to a good OC config without the rig crashing. That haven’t happened to me much on Windows, not even close to how much happened yesterday, as I used HWInfo to monitor for memory errors. I know that building something like this on this OS is difficult, but it is a must. If HiveOS had this, there would be no other linux distibution to even think about.

  2. HELP NEEDED HERE: Now, something VERY weird… When the rig crashes, it reboots. Ok. But when this happens, the system boots without recognizing the USB stick. I have to wait a few seconds and reboot again. Anyone seen anything like this? I’m using Asrock H110 BTC PRO+ mb.

  3. HELP NEEDED HERE: I have a hybrid rig (8amd+3nvidia) (, and I’m kinda confused on how to set up OC for individual cards. On AMD OC, do I pretend there is no nvidia and set up 8 values, same on NVIDIA OC, setting up 3 values? Maybe this is the cause that the rig is crashing so much… Maybe I don’t know the correct positions to apply oc to these cards…!?

Still on topic 3, in this image (, am i applying 2050 to position 4 on the left (GFORCE GTX 1070) or to position 5 (Radeon RX 580)?

Thanks a lot.

Group the nvidia cards together on the board with one of them being gpu 0. I think drivers need it to be this way and if not it will be a lot easier for you to tweak if they are in order. I have a 2nvidia + 2amd rig put together from spare parts and don’t have any issues, For problem 2: Have you tried to set boot in BIOS to “Legacy Only” ?

@antilag Thanks for the input. Is there a tip to know what physical ports are addressed to each number on HiveOS?

About item 2, I haven’t done that. Will try. Thanks.

I’m installing on a few different rigs tomorrow so I’ll check how the port numbers match up to hive GPU numbers. On two of the current rigs I’m currently running they are numbered in order as they are on the board.

@antilag It isn’t here… =(