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Help me please nothing show mhs rx 580 8gb

nothing show mhs whats wrong ? :frowning:

For anyone to help you they need information. For all I know, you have no hash because the computer isnโ€™t on, or the card is in the box :wink:

Here is where you can start with troubleshooting,
Did the OS see the card? Did the OS have trouble loading the drivers or did the drives puke?
If so, you need to find out why.

  • Look at the system.log review for amdgpu messages / video errors.
    handy commands that come to mind -
    dmesg |grep amdgpu โ€“ boot messages with amdgpu in the message
    grep /var/log/syslog amdgpu grep the syslog for amdgpu messages, pipe thru grep for errors
    tail -f /var/log/syslog โ€“ will follow the log as data is written to the file

Hope that helps. Please provide some details, and logs. Iโ€™ll bet itโ€™s a simple fix.

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