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Help me please help me please

ayuda porfavor, ise paso por paso pero al momento de conectar el pendrive con el sistema operativo listo y con el archivo rig.conf pegado, el worker sale offline o sea sin conexion, ya espere como 30 minutos y nada

In english:

Please help, I am going step by step but at the moment of connecting the pendrive with the operating system ready and with the rig.conf file pasted, the worker goes offline or without connection, I already wait about 30 minutes and nothing


sorry i didnt understand … you are trying to boot from USB drive hiveOS? and it doesnt work?

Is there any fans spinning on the rig? try start the rig without GPUs.

yes, the worker stays off line

Looks like a network issue. Or you are not booting from usb drive. Put a monitor on it.