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Help me! I need help OC GPU Asus 2060 Hynix!

Hello friends! My Asus 2060 Hynix GPU keeps rebooting because I don’t know the OC specs. Please give me the OC number so I can fix this, I use pool Binace and Phonixminer.
Thank you!
Sorry I don’t know much English!

Try Ethermine pool and change the miner to NBminer

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I’ll follow you!

Try trex miner
lock coreclock at 1050-1100
memory clock at 1100 if you are using linux 2100 - 2300
try around that setting l hope u can get around 31 mhs

-502 ядро 2100 память 128 ватт

How many Mh can you get with these configure?
Please show me know

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