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HELP... making an image to run Hive

OK, so very new at this, more of a hardware guy than software so please don’t use fancy terms or speak as if I know what I’m doing (cause I don’t).

I’ve tried following a few youtube videos, and even the Hive one on how to do this and it just isn’t working.

Trying to flash an SSD to be able to use for my 1st rig to run Hive. First off, I’m running a Mac (if that makes a difference, but the build is a PC based rig) I have downloaded Balena Etcher to be able to flash the drive. But when I’m selecting in HIVE what to download (the image) and it asks Windows, Linux or Mac, is that for what system I’m currently downloading it on? Then once I dl the correct one, do I need to unzip it before flashing it or just flash that file? (I tried that method, but then when I went to look at the drive to see what was on it, it just shows a Balena Etcher application install file, I’m so confused.

Not really sure what you’re clicking to get what you’re getting.

Go to: and click the zip button next to gpu image

Flash that with balena once it downloads. No need to extract anything.

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