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Help - lolminer - "New job received" but not mining


I recently moved my RTX 3060 to my HiveOS rig. I updated HIveOS, downgraded the drivers to 460.39 and switched to lolminer. The miner boots up and everything seems to be ok but it’s not mining… In Hive Shell, it shows “New job received” but the mh/s has been all stuck on 0.

I switched back to phoenixminer and confirmed that it is mining (but with the 3060 limited).

Anyone else experience this? Any known fixes?


Here’s a screenshot of the miner screen.

What OC settings are you using? I use

Also, i noticed it wasnt connecting to one of the servers so i removed the one it was timing out on and it connected to the 2nd server… check your flight sheet setting…

@Froggy thanks for your response.
I tried a couple more things:

  • First, I tried to match your OC settings. Didn’t have luck there
  • Next, I downgraded to 455.45.01 and booted up lolminer. This time my non-3060 GPUs are mining but the 3060 is still showing 0 mh/s.

Anyone else have this issue? Thanks!

show a screen shot of your Overclocks… could be the other cards causing the issue for the whole setup… also check to make sure its not timing out in the beginning on the 1st server… like i said i had to remove one of the servers as it wouldnt connect to it…

How can I check to make sure that it’s not timing out while connecting to the server?

Here’s a screenshot of my OC settings:

Here’s a screenshot of the miner screen at bootup: Some errors here

1st im no tusing the same Nvidia Driver as you… im using 460.39 I would try that…
Also… your 3070s, try uising my settings as it should lower your watts a bit.

The driver you have should work though… but i never used that one… may as well try that one… remember to reboot etc after… also im not familiar with the 1080 card as i only mined with 1660/s/3060/ti and 3070s

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