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Help in how to mine RVN (Ravencoin)?

Hello, I would like to mine Ravencoin.
I have 4 x 3060 ti, 1 x 3070, and 1 x 5700 xt
when I mine in ETH it works great but when I switch into Raven nothing happens.
I wonder if someone can help me in how to create my flight sheet and how to configure my cards cause it seems that energy consumption it is higher when I go in whattomine
Thanks for your help

Hey mate

I’m new to mining but not to overclocking :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve worked out you can’t run the same overclocks for different coins (algs)

I’d say that’s why you can save OC templates to different algs

Clear all OC re-boot
Start mining stock first to check all’s working well then start your overclocking again based on what the RVN alg likes


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