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Help I need bios mods Rx 580 saphire hynix

Hello everyone
I have rig with 8 GPU, 7 amd 1 Nvidia
But I have problem with 1 GPU Radeon RX 580 8192
SK Hynix H5GQ8H24MJR · 113-3E366DU-S4Y
I already mod bios with Polaris but hasrate only get 13-15mhs Same on original bios

Anyone can help me to send me mod bios with same chip?
I have another GPU no problem only this one can reach max hashrate

If you have (1) working well, have you saved that bios and tried to load on the other which is not working well?

When did the GPU run at the MHs rate you are expecting?

I already do that, but I get notification flash bios error,
Since I use hive os 1 week ago before that running normally on windows

use the force flash option while flashing the bios from HiveOS menu

i already do that but hashrate still no change, maksimum hashrate only get 17 or 20 mhs

open the OC tab and post the OC settings.

if i raise core clock or mem clock, harshrate will drop to 14-13 mhs more worst hashrate
i so confusing about this one card

lol dude where did you get the OCs for your cards?
the one that you mention, if it cant run 1150 core clock 2100 memory clock and around 850-875 core voltage then this card appears it has problems. is it bios modded?
GPU 2, the one with Samsung memory - have you tried lowering the voltage to 850? it might help reduce watts and heat on it.
GPU 6 - 1150 core clock 850 core voltage , 2050-2100 mem clock
GPU 3 - have you tested with 920-930 memory clock also ?

on gpu 2 i reduce on voltage to 850 sytem get unstabil and reboot automatic
gpu 6 same too

the problem are on gpu 5 a already mod bios this gpu, before i use hive os i can get 31-32 mhs on windows

on GPU 2 and 6 test 860-875 until it gets stable , the core clocks you are using are high.
I also dont use DPM states. its useless when you specify the core clock and voltage.
GPU 5 i see that you can set also memory voltage. remove it. you need to put memory controller voltage 800. 1150 core clock , 850+ core voltage, 2050-2100 mem clock.

i already change what u say before bu t my system still unstable andget reject share more

just for information if the gpu is not new but a used purchase

and i have roll back again to early setup what i send before system run stabill

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