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Help for set up XMR / Monero with amd and nvidia

Hello, I am new here, can anyone help to make a Flight Sheet for XMR with Gpu´s.
I have a Rig with 9 AMD RX 5700 and one RTX 3060 TI.
I wanted to set the RIG to Monero after ETH Stop. But I have absolutely no idea about XMRIG and how to set it up.
Wallet and pool are available.
I didn’t want to use the CPU (2 threads), just the GPUs.
It would be nice if anyone knew if this is possible and what settings I need to make in the flight sheet.
Many thanks.

Randomx is not a gpu friendly algo, it would take ~15 3080s to make a similar hashrate of a $300 ryzen 9 3900x. Even if you have a 2 core celeron it will likely make more than a 3080 would at a fraction of the power.

I wanted to set the RIG to Monero if that was possible. After ETH end. Otherwise, mining will be too expensive for me in terms of electricity.

While it’s possible, it’s pointless. Especially after the merge it will be even more pointless. Even if you have free power a 3080 is currently making 3 cents per day on monero. If you pay 10 cents/kwh you’re losing 50 cents per day.

Assuming difficulty won’t increase (it will) selling a 3080 for $400 will make the same amount as mining for 36 years with free power. If you paid 10 cents per kWh it would cost you $6666 in electric to mine $400 worth of monero in 36 years.

Hopefully that makes sense why you shouldnt try that. Check out somewhere like unmineable, or prohashing that allows you to mine a more profitable crypto and get paid in the coin you wish. Or you can mine whatever is most profitable (check or any other profit calc) to a non kyc exchange, and swap for xmr.

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