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Help for More hash rate on asus Rx 580

Hi everybody
I’m new in mining
This in my config for AMD rx 580
How can I reach more hashrate? Is it possible to reach 33 Mh for this system?

you can try to go up with, mem 2150 - set mvdd 850 vdd 850 . amdmemtweak ref 50. let me know how it goes. if u are getting too many invalids, lower your mem a bit. should give you close to 32 with TRM. 33 is not realistic, you can get higher numbers with phoenix, but it dosn´t mean that your actual recorded hashrate is greater

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did u try

i have two of these samsung k4g80325fb…

31.89Mh 46° core=1210 dpm=4 vdd=870 memclock=2110 memory state=2

amdmemtweak --REF 30

that’s the max for me, just upper oc and it’s raining invalid shares

have u flash cards vbios

of course all my 21 cards are flash with modded vbios :slight_smile:

sorry, no way i could have known that…happy mining

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no problems :slight_smile: i think the silicon lottery on this memory is pretty bad for me the best are Micron i get 33.15Mh@85w and 58° with almost the same oc. Happy mining to you also ! :wink:

well…33.15 might be best hash i have seen on 580, i wonder what is the actual pool´s recorded hash with that reported

on hiveon and ethermine to:

all amd’s but not the same memory brand’s
48.43Mh it’s a Vega 56 ^^

nice one for 580´s, is yor vega hynix or? here´s my with samsung, tricky cards to tune !
I need to try your 580 settings and see how it goes :slight_smile: btw, from where u got that screenshot ?

it’s a hynix but my Ath yeah tricky is the word ! :sweat_smile:
the screenshot come from the stat in hive on the worker page.
if you want to try :wink:

Vdd 870 memstate 2
amdmemtweak --REF 30

Have u ran those settings…? they are quite a bit higher than u mentioned earlier about your max for 580´s. Cant find pool side info of individual gpus…can u help me to locate…?

yeah @Smining570 Micron’s run higher on core with no error’s.

for the stats you need to find in your worker windows the tab “stats”

and into it the graph for the algo you want like “Ethash”


just simple as that you can see all for every single gpu :slight_smile:

i’m french so you have the same in English ^^

Ho no the free version to :slight_smile:
look on the worker page, not on the pool page

cool that’s will be nice to see if it’s working for you !

looked all pages, i dont have worries, the info is to be found elsewhere :slight_smile:

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high oc high hash. lets see how stable they are and how many stales they produce :wink: thanks

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@Smining570 Great ! for me that’s the more stable (micron) lol
the Hynix need a fine tunning … hope it will be the same for you :wink:

and the stats are here:*/workers/**/metrics

* your farm id
** your worker id

rig crashed, now wont boot up.i knew i shuldn´t have gone with those settings…stupid me