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Help eth - rvn

I did try to remember what i did before setting up eth
but all gone …
im looking to move to rvn , best time to move ?
i have funds will i lose funds if i move to another or should i wait
i did read windows install but realised im on L lol so back to sqr1
any help please
more gpu cards being added soon
<<<<< seems im mini now strange a minime lol oh dear >>>>>>

Who is this guy opps
should i delete mini and stick with my first choice hashtoken ?
really dont know how that happend

Best time depends on your calculations/goals. I’m not following your post too well, are you trying to make a ravencoin flight sheet? If so, which part are you stuck on?

Funds are tied to the wallet address they are mined to. If you have a pending balance on the eth hiveon pool you can manually request payout up to 20 days after the merge.

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OK i have made it now thanks
rvn flightsheet with new wallet
just need to swap flightsheets
and adjust gpu if needed
is it poss to stop 1 fsheet and try now one and then revert ?

sorry for confusion will revert to first login hashroken

Hmm rvn not working when i switch but using same oc settings

Need to tune from scratch as the two algos are very different.

You can switch back and forth between flight sheets no problem

Could you give me a clue where to start please

current rvn setting

New setting without fans going bonkers (default)

not sure where to go now
not running

read read and read forum get all i can out of it but settings i cant seem to sus out
tried loads of different settings but no luck

You have ethash selected as the algo. Ravencoin is on kawpow

Ahh ok
im getting totally dif coins etc nothing like algo kawpow
unable to alter to kawpow
not sure what i have done

Lolminer doesn’t do kawpow

thats where i keep going wrong confused my self
RVN flight sheet



ok i got a bit futher
but still not running

Show your flight sheet


The whole thing

hope its what your after

my eth failed so i had to delete kawpow entry
and all working again
will have to try again tomorrow

Before clicking edit, what you showed before is fine just don’t top out your address

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Couldnt sleep set it up again

here is both eth and rvn

not edited gpu fields yet
i cant see a problem

Can’t tell if you’re using a correctly formatted address or not since you’re censoring it, but what does the miner say in the console?