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HELP- can’t locate or ID gpu slots /numbers Octominer x12 8xnvidia 3080s

I have tried so many things. In process of
Redoing all thermal pads and paste. Made it through about half of them. Even moving cards around and tracking on the octominer image with slot numbers from Reddit I can’t make sense of anything here. This GPU 1 which is the second on the list in Hive….with hot temps, where the hell is it in the box?
Still can’t find the problem cards:

You can use the gpu fans find command to locate which gpu is which Linux commands

I can’t seem for make progress with that program
Command. All my nvidia fans spin all the time. It doesn’t stop them.

stop mining, set fan speed to ~10% then run the command, you should be able to tell the difference between a fan spinning full speed or not