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HELP! BIOS MOD AMD RX 580 Samsung Afox

Hi! I’ve been trying to mod my Afox AMD RX 580 8gb cards to get more mhs but it keeps crashing.

This are my current settings:

GPU 0 is modded and works fine

The rest (Samsung ones) are on stock bios with some oc tweaking that have been working fine over the past weeks.

I’ve tried using Polaris Bios Editor, tried with UberMix 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 and then reconfigure the oc settings but nothing, sometimes I get 30mhs and then it crashes, sometimes I get invalid shares.

Any help please?

Ubermix is not always the best.

I use the 00000 straps for my Samsung 580’s

Core: 1200 - Memory: 2150




I’ve tried the 00000 straps but it keeps rebooting, can’t make it stable, tried different OC settings but still nothing

Gotta keep trying mate, your playing the silicone lottery. No 2 cards are identical. Keep going until you find the sweet spot.

I’m sure you know how to overclock mate its just the fact that you have to fine tune every card, individually if you are having problems.

estimado una consulta, ami me sucede lo mismo con una rx570 8gb asrock estas correas que hablan sirven para las 570 tambien?

hello if i send to you mi bios you can mod for me? thanks, i dont know how to use straps with polaris editor thanks again

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