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HELP! Autofan GPU driver error HiveOS

При работе фермы выскакивает:

>Autofan: GPU driver error, no temps

> Claymore Reboot: Temperature control thread hangs, need to restart miner!

далее низкий хэшрейт и ферма виснет.бывает перезагрузится поработает а потом заново такая фигня!!!
кто сталкивался? помогите решить проблему?

You have to find out witch gpu gives that error. and the reduce the mining speed.
claymore option -dcri
if you open teleconsole and miner screen press "z " and it will calculate best -dcri for you.
i had with phoenix miner same error, had to give less work to gpu ,that gave this error.
maybe that helps

That can also signify that your overclocking is too high.