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Help a newb Out! Hive OS to SSD?

I’m currently running hive os on my miner off a usb thumb drive. How do I install it on my miner’s SSD and ditch the thumb drive?

What a problem did you face writing HiveOS to SSD?

I have done just that (was running off of USB stick, now running on SSD).

The steps are exactly the same as what you did to make that HiveOS USB stick.

Step 1: Attach the SSD that you want to put HiveOS on into a Windows computer. You can do this either directly or better yet use an external docking station.

Use one of these methods to be sure that Windows can see the SSD:

Step 2: Run HDDRawCopy1.10Portable

In it select the HiveOS FILE that is to be written as the SOURCE

In Destination be sure to select the SSD that you want it to be written to.

After verifying that Source and Destination are correct click all buttons to acknowledge selections and to start writing HiveOS to the SSD.

When writing is completed (100%) exit the program.

Use the “Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media” to properly detach the SSD.

Step 3: Put SSD into Miner Rig, set it boot from the SSD. Be sure that you have removed the HiveOS USB stick.

Step 4: Boot Mining Rig. HiveOS will then boot and do any necessary upgrades. You will then be presented with the first run prompt. Just enter the Rig ID and password.

Happy mining.

Thanks. I’m all Mac, so I’ll try borrowing a pc. I got a m2 ssd to usb adapter and couldn’t get Etcher to recognize the SSD a a removable drive. Maybe just find another program to mount the image.