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Help! 5700XT and 6800XT

Nothing I’ve done has fixed it. Can you help me?

Your overclock settings are way too aggressive. Try these OC settings for all the 5700 cards. You must set each one. Fan 0 for auto. Core -200, MEM 1200, PL 120. For the 6800 card I have very little experience, I will ask someone to help verify. Put a 30sec delay, should also help.

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The efficiency of the O09 5700 XT is now good. The remaining cards are down to 40 MHz. I would be very grateful if you could help with 6800xt.

what settings did you end up with on the 5700xt’s ? I wanted to apologize and offer a correction to my post though. The OC settings I gave you usually work for my RTX3070. The correct stable settings for 5500xt and also work for 5700xt are: (AMD) core: 1150 MEM 980 mVoltage 725 PL=blank FAN 90. Sorry for the flip flop.

Hey man I found some settings specific to RX6800XT online at ::
Core Voltage (VDD): 650 (HiveOS Memory Controller Voltage: 760)
Power Limit (%): NA
Core Clock (CClock): 1370
Memory Clock (MClock): 2120 or 1060
Fan Speed (%): 70% ± based on your temps.
((RX 6800 XT Mining Settings - GPU Mining | Mining Chamber))

The settings you gave earlier did not create a situation at the 5700XT. As far as I understand this is a general issue with Asus Tuf Gaming. I will try the values ​​you just gave and write them here as soon as possible.

can you post a screenshot please ?

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