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Hello! I assembled my first rig this week. Do you have any advice?

10x Gainward 1660 ti 6gb costs $417 each.
10x Version 10x Riser
B250C 12 gpu motherboard
G3900 processor
4GB DDR4 ram
2000w platinum made in china power supply
12 card bat rig case

undercarriage total: $502.

I bought 314 mh/s for 4672 dollars now.
Do you think the price performance ratio is good?

I’m running ethermine over hiveOS, it’s connected to my binance wallet

use locked core clocks instead of negative core offsets. min/max the core/mem clock instead of using the same value for every card. some cards will run at higher mem clocks than others. no need for power limit with locked core clocks either, the goal being find the lowest value that maintains full hashrate

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