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Having trouble with GTX 1660ti

Hello folks,

I’m having trouble getting my GTX 1660ti to hash. I’ve installed the latest Nvidia drivers, 418.56 but no go. The OS recognizes the card but nothing more. I’m trying to hash X16R with t-rex along side my GTX 1070ti cards which have no problems. I’ve tried different slots/riser combinations with no results. The card works fine in a windows rig ( X16R t-rex), so i’m pretty sure it’s not a hardware problem. Any ideas where I might look next for a solution would be greatly appreciated.

please post a screenshot of you miner config and OC config

also im guessing you are using trex Cuda9
please use Trex Cuda10

Thanks for your response, I changed the miner config to trex cuda 10, and that did the trick. Thanks again.