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Having this issue.. anybody knows about this?

After few hours getting this issue, but after rebooting it starts working again, please help thank you…

bad OCs crashing the driver most likely. what OCs do you have set?

Core 1380 mem 2600 pl 165 but other card never getting any issue it just the second card always it’s been 3 days before I was mining RVN on my rig at that time too having this issue now it’s on ETH too

It happens with me 5-6 times it’s just one GPU the other one is working well… And after reboot it works well then again after few hours it gets the same error

reduce mem and reboot. repeat until stable

if that doesnt help troubleshoot risers/cables etc

Happens again after 9 hours damnn what’s the issue…:upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Check out that

It’s always GPU 1 even I swapped the usb cable of both it’s just GPU 1 that means it’s not the GPU fault right

That’s a lolminer beta version, try trex

The GPU goes on sleep mode (Zzz) that’s lolminers issue?? But I was on RVN coin before at that time I was not using lolminer then too it happens on the GPU 1